(Nulled) Timelock v1.5 – Project Management System With Screenshot Capture Free Download

(Nulled) Timelock v1.5 - Project Management System With Screenshot Capture Free Download

Timelock is a SAAS-based project management script. The site Owner can make charge to his / her client for the service. It’s super user-friendly for manage the project. This script supported automatic screenshot capture and also capture user location. The project manager can see the staff working flow and check user analytics. This script has available lots of tools available to manage the project. Screenshot Capture is a time tracking tool. It aims to automate the process of capturing images of different tasks and projects.

We all know that we need to use some sort of project management system when we are working on projects of any size. But have you ever thought about using a project management system that can be used over and over again? As soon as our work gets completed, we can just compare the results between different versions of the same project using a graphical interface.

We can do this for several reasons: Our work may get completed in only 4-5 weeks in one or two days, or it could take months. These timescales will make us feel like we are working on something simple and not worth our time. However, by putting together an ordered list of features, technologies and units that would be needed to complete the project within these short timeframes we'll be able to clearly evaluate how well.

Timelock does allow users to manage project timeline and stay on track in the shortest possible time. Timelock helps with: Managing timelines for projects – managing project progress, managing tasks, managing deadlines

Monitoring your project progress and stay on track! Timelock can track your commitments and potential time-to-completion. You can give feedback to yourself without any hassle or distractions. You are able to manage people's schedules (and those of other team members) easily. Timelock can help you plan the specifics of a task from start to finish in a way that's easy for you, your team, and the client(s) you work with.



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