Multi-Branch Restaurant v2.0 – Laravel Website with Admin Panel Nulled Free Download

Multi-Branch Restaurant v2.0 - Laravel Website with Admin Panel Nulled Free Download

Multi-Branch restaurant is a restaurant chain that has two branches: the flagship branch and a second branch in the same city. Each branch has their own staff but both of them pull in their staff once they want to open up for business. This is a Multi Branch supported restaurant management system with pickup & delivery features that comes with the Website With this powerful system, you will get a powerful admin panel built with Laravel Framework that will help you manage the whole system smartly which accelerates your restaurant business.

The code below, if run, will generate automatic content which is presented as an admin panel, where you can add new menu item names and write markdown content to add them to your menu. You can also see some data about user’s food preferences on the right side of the admin panel and it will show how many times the user has visited each menu item.

Multi-branch Restaurant is an example of how we can create complex websites with different levels of content, menus, shopping cart and admin panel. This website has two main branches – one is a quiet and social atmosphere and the other is a family friendly atmosphere.

The website owner discovers that the content copywriting for the restaurant is not working well with the existing copywriting. He has been using Google Translate to translate all shop names, menus and cash registers into German but he has problems with his website’s native-language content.


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