Live Chat Unlimited v3.4.4 Nulled Free Download

Live Chat Unlimited v3.4.4 Nulled Free Download

The official website for LCU is We will introduce it in a separate section. The last version of LCU v3.4 was rolled out on 1st May 2018 and has been downloaded more than 400k times in the first month after release. In the second quarter of 2018, it had reached almost double digit million downloads mark (see chart). So far, there's no sign that they're planning to discontinue or stop LCU service in any way. Live chat is not just for sales. There are many other services that can be used for selling things, like in customer service and marketing. Chat with your customers on your site for sales and support easily, and beautifully. Now LiveChat uses real-time technology and you are able to install on unlimited websites.

While live chat was extremely useful in customer service, it is no longer enough to satisfy the customers. They need a lot of specific information about a product before they finalize their purchase decision. The best way out of this problem is to automate the whole process of buying products and services online. So, Live Chat Unlimited v3.4.4 was developed to provide you with the best solution on the market at all types of sales channels (newsletter, email etc). You can now get full control over all communication channels that have been delivered by your company so far and make sure that they are working in your favor!

Live Chat Unlimited (LCU) is a powerful and easy-to-use live chat tool which allows you to: We can use this software from different platforms, but we will focus on web based. Unlike the previous versions, there are no extra features like: All communications from your company should be covered In the previous versions, we had the ability to send live chat requests to multiple clients. But those features were limited to a specific client viewer number (e.g. 5) and would make it very difficult for us to set up live communication with any other clients.

This is irrelevant now since we can just toggle them on and off as required anywhere within our website without any cost or limitation on what clients can see in their dashboard. The most common benefit of this feature is that it improves client-side performance, but it also allows us to continue providing live chat from browser-based clients (like PC, Android and iOS web browsers) – even if they are not connected to our server anymore!


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