Events Calendar Pro v5.14.5 Nulled Free Download

Events Calendar Pro v5.14.5 Nulled Free Download

events calendar Pro v5.14.5 was by all means a major update in terms of features. It added new themes, new species, new support for the Contact page and a lot of bug fixes that were previously broken during the updates. In this version, the new features are the ability to save and export events. We can now get rid of the need to create a separate Events Calendar and simply use Events Calendar Pro.

The Event Calendar application is a multi-platform mobile app to help you plan out your events, schedule them and keep track of the people coming to these events. Events Calendar Pro v5.14.5 comes loaded with a selection of well designed views. You control which views you share with your users on the frontend. The classic calendar never goes out of style. Especially with this fully responsive, tooltip enabled view.

I’m not going to describe Event Calendar in detail as it is not my product at all. It is a great tool for any user, but I will focus on its use case – planning events. Initially, when I was working with Event Calendar, I was using it as a tool for tracking down past attendees. After that experience, when client requested me to build an event calendar app they were interested in, I simply thought of how can we add this feature into the application and make it more useful? The answer that came up was Events Calendar Pro v5.14.5 which has been released recently by Diigo Technologies (now


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