DeBlocker v3.1.8 – Anti AdBlock for WordPress Nulled Free Download

DeBlocker v3.1.8 - Anti AdBlock for WordPress Nulled Free Download

DeBlocker v3.1.8 was created by a team at Adblock Plus for Adblock-aware websites that use AdBlock or similar software. It is an add-on for WordPress 3.2 and above that allows blocking ads by adding the necessary code to your plugin directory (usually, in the wp-includes folder). DeBlocker is a powerful tool and money-saving plugin for websites created by WordPress. The goal of this Plugin is to ask a website visitor to disable browser extensions that block ads. The Plugin defines most browser extensions for ads blocking, such as AdBlock & Adblock Plus, uBlock & uBlocker, AdGuard AdBlocker, Poper Blocker, Ads Killer, Adaware Ad Block, Easy Ad Blocker, and many others.

With DeBlocker you can choose how much you want your website to be visible in search engines (the less visibility, the better). You can also decide whether your ads should be shown at all, or only When you have a website, the first thing that you need to do is block ads. Although there are a few free tools available for this, most of them require registration and it’s usually not possible to use them on personal computers.

DeBlocker, a popular plugin among WordPress users, is blocking ads and JS scripts. This can be a nuisance for people who are already experiencing adblockers issues with their sites. This can be solved by installing DeBlocker v3.1.8 as it's been updated to version 3.1.8 to remove the previous issues with latest WordPress versions. DeBlocker is a plugin that was developed to block ads from Google and other search engines from the WordPress site.


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