Blogger Stream v1.0 – Live TV & Video Streaming App – Blogger API v3 Nulled Free Download

Blogger Stream v1.0 - Live TV & Video Streaming App - Blogger API v3 Nulled Free Download

Blogger Stream API is a live TV streaming app for Android and iOS. I will be talking about the API, how to use it and what you can do with it. The Blogger Stream app uses an API which allows you to post videos live via tweets, Facebook posts or Blogger Stream displaying posts or contents from Blogger Site with Live TV & Video Streaming Application template format. It loads all Blogger posts, labels and shows in a beautiful and well designed layout as Live TV & Video Streaming Application. Run under Android platform and built using Android Studio with Java Programming Language so make the app run natively, fast and smooth. Implement Google Material Design UI make the app beautiful in design and user experiences.

Blogger Stream API allows you to quickly create videos from your Android or iOS devices with the help of your TV-connected mobile devices. The user interface is completely customizable – it's just like creating a website using WordPress or Drupal on your computer. You can make sure that users see the best format for their display by tweaking the UX parameters in advance, but there are also other ways of adding customizations to the UI, so that they don't have to be modified again every time they watch a video on their screen.

We are going to cover how to get a Live TV Streaming App on your Android device by using the Blogger Stream v1.0 and the Blogger API v3. We will then go through the different features of this app, and show you how it works.

I will show you in detail how you can use this app in step-by-step instructions showing you the whole picture, without going into too much technical details. Blogger Stream enables users to enjoy full functionality for streaming third party content. It comes with show feeds, live shows and live actions, support for all major channels (TV and Online) and enable you to start streaming at anytime.


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