Android E Book App – Admin Panel – Admob & FAN Nulled Free Download

Android E Book App - Admin Panel - Admob & FAN Nulled Free Download

The Android E Book App – Admin Panel is a simple and elegant interface for managing your eBook Authoring against Admob. The ads on the app are generated in the admin panel, which is an Android application. This article provides a basic overview of how to implement android E book app in order to increase conversions and to utilize admob free advertising API. This tutorial will also explain how you can integrate an ADMOB API into your Android applications. Book App template for creating a E-Book app for Android! completely easy to startup, Just add book into admin panel and make app available for rest of world through play store, also start earnings through the AdMob & FAN which is already integrated with the source code. Our documentation will help you to setup application in a easy way.

Introduction: To achieve high conversion rates and generate revenue for your company, you need a well-designed app with a high user retention rate. To ensure that you send users’ valuable information back to them, conversion rate needs to be increased. Too much noise from the “buzzy” apps can cause users to skip over them or just ignore them altogether unless they’re really compelling and deal with important information. These types of apps.

When you are ready to publish your Android E Book App, it is helpful to be able to manage all the files associated with the app. This includes the app package, the adobe reader file and of course, the book. When it comes to browsing e-books and audiobooks, there is no app like the Android E Book App. We all know that for a good price, we can download e-books and listen to them on any device. However, holding the book in our hands is another story.

Our aim of this feature is to make reading ‘apps' on the go a lot more fun and seamless. The admin panel allows you to manage your books, manage your bookmarks or even find what book you are currently reading right now! We will show you how easy it is to create Android E book App, with which you can publish, manage and promote your eBook.


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