AM Radio v1.0 – Android Multiple Radio Channels App Nulled Free Download

AM Radio v1.0 - Android Multiple Radio Channels App Nulled Free Download

AM Radio is not just a radio station but also a regular radio channel. It provides very high quality of audio listening experience to users. However, it lacks in some of the features that are considered essential for a radio station, e.g., live interaction and interaction with listeners/viewers. The basic idea is to provide an AM Radio app with the following features like. AM Radio is an Multi Radio Station Application For Android Platform, Android Mobile Application That Runs Online Streaming Radio, Supports Almost All Formats m3u8,rtmp type link which is play live radio, and many other audio formats, This Application Is Specially Optimized To Be Extremely Easy to Configure And Detailed Documentation is Provided, You Can Easily Create Your Own Multi Station Live Radio App With This Template And Save Your Money And Time.

AM Radio is a radio application developed by the British Broadcasting Corporation. The radio series was first available on Android in the year 2013, and then later rolled out to the iOS and Windows operating systems. The audience for AM Radio is mainly younger people who are interested in music and entertainment. Users can use the app to listen to live sport and music programming, plus they can listen to pre-recorded content.

The app uses two different channels on two different radios; each channel has its own variety of music, sports, talk/news programme or other types of content as available on it at any time. Each channel can be listened to independently or together – all through a single interaction with an interface that is made up of different elements like hamburger menu and drop down buttons in the top bar section of ” This is the first version of AM radio app. The biggest change is that updated to today’s AM band. Theme: Android provides us with a great opportunity to do many things, but it doesn’t really help in the one area it was designed for – multiple channels broadcasting.


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