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How to Use Cookies on a Website or Android Phone

What is Cookies and How to use cookies, What is the significance of cookies,How to Use Cookies on Website by PC,How to use cookies on Android Phone,
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What is Cookies and How to use cookies?

How to Use Cookies on a Website or Android Phone

What is Cookies?

Cookies is the hidden data of your credential like Email and Password. In cookies you wont get the actual Email and Password but you can able to login your account. 

What is the significance of cookies?

If you're looking for an easy method to share accounts without the need for a user's login and password, cookies are an excellent option. A functional cookie, an extension for your browser, and some knowledge of exporting and importing cookies are all that is required. It's vital to remember that cookies are only useful for currently active subscriptions. Importing cookies for a defunct account will have no effect.

How to Use Cookies on Website by PC?

Follow these steps one by one for using cookies on your PC.

  • First, you will have to download this extension from the Extension store.
    * For Google Chrome 
    * For Mozilla 
    For Brave 
    Cookies editor
  • Now go to the website where you want to use the cookies. And wait for total loading complete to the website.

  • Now press to the Cookies Extension and Now press the Delete Button Button.

  • After Delete Press the Cookies Import Button.

  • An empty box will open, now copy cookies from our website and past the whole copied text in this empty box then press Import.
  • After import, the cookies reload the web page.

    You have successfully added the cookies.

How to use cookies on Android Phone?

Follow My Steps:

  • Go to Google Playstore and Download KiWi Browser ( Click Here )
  • Open Kiwi Browser and goto to this link.
  • Click Here then add this Extention to KiWi Browser.
  • After adding Cookies Editor Extention go to your desired website where you want to import the cookies.
  • Press in three-dot button then go down then you will get the extension.
  • Now open the extension and delete all previous cookies by pressing the delete button. After Delete press on Import Button now past the copied cookies and press on import.
  • Now reload the website page.
  • If the cookies are live you will get connected to the account.


Video Tutorial

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The Purpose of Cookies

Cookies serve various purposes, such as:

  • Session Management: Cookies help maintain session information, enabling websites to remember user actions and preferences during a browsing session.
  • Personalization: Cookies enable websites to provide personalized content, recommendations, and advertisements based on the user's interests and behavior.
  • Tracking: Cookies allow website owners to track user behavior, gather analytics data, and improve their services.
  • Authentication: Cookies facilitate user authentication, allowing users to stay logged in and access restricted areas of a website without entering their credentials repeatedly.


Cookies are invaluable tools for providing personalized experiences on websites and Android devices. By understanding how to use cookies effectively and managing them responsibly, you can enhance user satisfaction while respecting privacy concerns. Remember to review cookie regulations and implement best practices to ensure a positive user experience.

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